How does it work

In a nutshell

The EFC is a hub for the whole Textile, Clothing, Leather and Footwear (TCLF) industries in terms of education and training provision, aiming at facilitating access to knowledge and curricula developed at European level to:

  • All new potential incomers wanting to enter the TCLF sectors
  • Those who are already working in the sectors through updated continuous training for up/reskilling

At the same time, the EFC also aims to serve as a hub for interchanging best practices and engage on joint activities among different sectoral stakeholders.

What can I find, and how?

…A customized experience that helps you finding what you are specifically looking for:

  • Several subjects across the TCLF industries
  • Courses in different EU languages
  • Different levels of education and training
  • Learning new best practices at sectoral level