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Did you know that education and vocational training are the perfect bridge to the beginning of an occupational career?

Recent studies show that the most demanded occupations today did not exist 10 years ago, which means that there are major changes in the economy, assuming great mobility in the exercise of the occupations and qualifications required for professional performance. 

A vocational course makes it possible to acquire personal and social skills that enable constant adaptation to the new needs of the labour world, such as creativity and innovation, as well as to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to meet the challenges of a continuously changing society.

The S4TCLF consortium has embarked on a journey by the merged effort of carrying out an exhaustive research connected to the mapping of qualification needs and skill gaps existing in TCLF industry. Through this desk and based research, it became possible to pinpoint which qualification profiles best meet the needs of TCLF companies. 


Changes in the labour market have brought new demands, both on work processes and raw materials and on skills and employment trends. In order to answer in a dynamic and innovative way to the challenges of companies, workers in the sector, and young people in education and training, the partnership has created 8 qualification profiles, 4 sectoral and 4 transversal. In sum, these are our results and they are already available:

The pilot phase  is a test of our training materials on a small scale and limited in time, before introducing our materials more widely and on a permanent basis. This phase allows to analyse results from the users' point of view.

So, we expect to answer the following questions: To what extent were the trainees satisfied with the piloting traing? To what extent did the trainees learn from the piloting training? To what extent did the trainees change their behaviours based on what they acquired or developed through piloting training? To what extent did the transfer of the acquired to the actual working contexts have an impact on the performance of the organization?

 Nine countries in the partnership (PT, ES, FR, IT, BE, BL, GR, RO, PL) have implemented pilot actions in face-to-face, practical (WBL) and online (Skills4Smart Academy - MOOC) environments. More than 165 participants joined so far in the face-to-face and online the S4TCLF piloting and interacted with the consortium, getting to know first-hand the usefulness of the innovative methodology and resources that was developed.

22 dicembre 2021

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